How to Pick the Right Foundation for Prom Night

Picking the right foundation for your prom makeup look can make a huge difference in how your prom photos turn out… and of course, how you look face-to-face on prom night! If you have never worn a foundation before (and don’t worry- lots of prom girls haven’t!), you’re going to want to consult these expert tips from YouTuber Ashley Chennel, an expert on all things beauty. 

When it comes to picking the perfect makeup foundation, skin type is everything. But, you should also consider the weather and season you’ll be wearing your foundation in before you shop for it. What’s the weather like in your town around prom season? And, how does your skin react to that weather?

“When searching for the proper foundation it is always good to know what type of skin you have. People either have dry skinoily skin, or a combination of both,” said Chennel. “I personally have combination oily skin. In the winter my skin is super dry so I like to lean towards a more dewey foundation.

In the summer I stick with a matte foundation. It is always good to use a primer when before applying foundation to insure longevity.” 

After you determine what type of skin you have, it’s time to match your tone to the right color foundation. It can be hard to tell just by holding up the bottle to your face in a store’s mirror, or worse, consulting those plastic swatches makeup companies sometimes put out. To get a true match, it’s always best to test. 

“When searching for your shade you can swatch foundations on the back of your hand and hold it up to your face to see if it will match. Or you can see if it blends with your hand. You can always go to MAC counter or Sephora to get matched if you truly have no idea what your shade is,” said Chennel.

And even though Chennel is a YouTuber, she advises against just going out and buying whatever foundation or powder that a blogger is using.

“When choosing your shade never go based off of someone else’s skin tone that you see on camera. Bloggers usually have lots of lighting while filming that can make them appear a bit lighter on camera. It is always best to test products on your own.”

Everyone’s skin is different, and everyone has different skin challenges. Teen skin is notorious for breaking out, especially during times of stress. If your skin is especially blemished, broken out, or if you think you have a bigger problem beyond the basic pimples, Chennel advises to consult a dermatologist.

“People who have issues with acne I would suggest consulting with your dermatologist before choosing a foundation to see what chemicals are ok to put on your face,” said Chennel. “You should always read what is in a foundation anyway before purchasing. This way you will avoid anything that can make your acne worst or cause a bad reaction.”

The last thing you want is for your prom makeup to trigger a bad skin reaction. Your dermatologist will know which chemicals are okay and which ones to avoid. There are a bunch of organic and all-natural makeup companies making waves. Check out these seven natural makeup brands to start.